Who we are.

We are a “friendly” group of entrepreneurs who meet every Friday morning at 8:00 a.m.

Our purpose is to: assist our members in growing their businesses, through business connections and through the exchange of ideas. Part of our mandate is also to educate and work on our self development to become more effective on a personal and professional level. We are looking to develop our self awareness and self-confidence and to explore our inner values.

We will again be initiating our round table discussions on various topics that will be of interest to business owners. These discussions initiate lively conversations and prove to be a valuable learning experience for each member.

Although the BCX Oakville chapter is not a large group, our core group of members are very supportive of one another. Many of us have been involved with this chapter for over six years, which indicates a certain form of stability within our group.

Each member has an opportunity to present to the group. This helps in honing our presentation skills and serves to inform our members of new developments within each member’s business.

Members are our strength: We have openings for

As a member you will expand your clientele; we currently have openings for the following businesses. We listen to our members and there is current need for.

graphics designer

Graphics Designer

You have built lots of websites; you’re good at it, and now you want to grow to other business sectors!

Social Media/Marketing Expert

We can benefit from having your experience in navigating the social media networks. Your skills will help our members gain traction and expand their reach while you expand yours with us!