July 12, 2010 — At our meeting last week graphic design expert and member Joe Taylor took to the spotlight for our discussion topic of ‘Looking Good on Paper’. Joe showed examples of professional pieces as well as gave the group ideas on how to make it look like you’ve spent a million on a printed piece when you haven’t! These included varying the size of the printed piece and using different weights of paper. Thank you Joe!

July 7, 2010 — Member Amy Harrison took to the ‘Tweets’ last Saturday, July 3rd for a live Tweetcast of the British Automobile Racing Club’s Canada Day Grand Prix of Ontario event at Mosport Raceway. To see what you missed check out the BARC’s Twitter account for pictures, video and more, you’ll feel like you’re there! www.twitter.com/barc_oc

June 17, 2010 — As per our discussion topic, here are some simple strategies that any business can use to make themselves more ‘green’.

Suggestions for more strategies are welcome, but here’s our list to get you started!

1. Use recycled paper where possible.
2. If sending out cards, or even when ordering marketing materials, try to ensure they are at least partially recycled.
3. Use re-useable mugs for your coffee or bottles for your water.
4. Buy yourself a nice lunch bag that you can tote back and forth for snacks and lunches.
5. Use the new energy efficient light bulbs where possible.
6. Try to not print your emails unless critical.
7. If you are in the market for a new monitor, printer etc., try to get one that has the Energy Star symbol on it.
8. Recycle and re-fill when possible your ink cartridges. Many stores now have drop-off’s for these including Staples.
9. Recycle your old cell phones and batteries. Many stores will now take these back as well.
10. Get a Brita or similar water filtration pitcher rather than buying bottled water.
11. Try to buy and shop locally. Read those labels!
12. When shopping, use re-useable bags or bins.
13. If it is a sunny day and you have lots of light in your office, why not turn off those lights? Saves on hydro.
14. This is not always possible, but we should all try to perhaps incorporate 1 hour per week, or more, to unplug, put that smartphone down, turn off the tv and relax!
15. Try to have a plant or two, dependent on allergies of course, in your office to help keep the air fresh!
16. And on rainy days, you can even put the plants outside to get watered!

June 10, 2010 — Today was ‘How to find and keep your clients’ day and what a great discussion we had! Everyone took a turn and we discussed strategies for promoting our businesses and our member’s businesses in unique ways. Many cross-referrals were had by discussing this in a round-table, case-study format. Ideas tailored to each of our needs were tabled and everyone left with something that they could immediately implement.

Discussion also brought about ideas for keeping clients which included, and focused on taking that extra time and adding that personal touch. The power of personalization reigns supreme!

June 3, 2010 — This morning’s meeting was another great one with member Brenda Scholl presenting the new goodies from Hunter-Douglas. Brenda is the owner of Custom Window Designs and prides herself on finding the right solution for her clients at the best price possible.

She presented the new honeycomb-in-a-honeycomb design that reduces your energy bills and gives you privacy while still letting the sunshine into your living space.

Brenda also showcased the several price points that she can custom tailor to any budget as well as the myriad of fabrics and lighting options available throughout the Hunter-Douglas line.

If you have a window, she has a covering to showcase it!
Contact Brenda at: www.cwdesigns.ca or brenda ‘at’ cwdesigns ‘dot’ ca