April 22nd

April 22nd, 2016
Absolutely wonderful meeting today.  We had a great educational segment from Jennifer Neal on Smart Ego vs Egotistical.


We also had a round table discussion about social media setup and how it can help your business.  A few key points from that discussion:

Know your target market and pick which social media service to […]

April 8th Meeting

Had a great meeting this morning at Symposium.

It started with a wonderful educational segment by Jennifer Neal on the topic of “the negativity of but”.  Which lead to our new series of Round Table Discussions that will happen on a weekly bases.  Today we had the opportunity to learn from Mary Ellen about how to […]

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Financial Presentation

On Friday February 12th we were fortunate to have a wonderful presentation by our very own Jamshid Ameri on the upcoming RRSP season and how to better navigate your future financial goals.

Please see the links below for some of the information that was presented.

Personal Finance Wheel


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Education: Failure is a Choice

This mornings Educational segment presented by Jennifer Neal

From time to time everyone experiences setbacks. We set a course and start out, but then we find ourselves at a dead end. Maybe we get fired from a job or our spouse files for divorce, or resources we needed to finish a project don’t materialise and […]

Taking the long-term view

Consider these ten points when planning your investments. Understand the influence of business and market cycles.


Long-term investors understand that markets are cyclic

You have probably heard the term “bull market” with reference to a rising market and “bear market” with regard to a falling market. These primary market trends are most obvious because they correlate […]

A Business Owner’s Insurance Check list

Managing risk is a survival strategy businesses can’t ignore. Start-up firms and smaller companies are  especially vulnerable to risk because they often lack big company sophistication and in-house risk-control expertise.

Some risks are potentially devastating and therefore must be insured against; others are less menacing. Shop around for a competent commercial insurance agent or broker […]