Come join us this Thursday morning at Symposium Mississauga at 8am to hear a presentation from Joey Ragona:

Joey Ragona (aka “the entrepreneur’s secret weapon”) is the founder of
Strategic Business Academy and CEO of JDR Investments – a real estate
investment company he shares with his wife. With more than 30 years
experience as an entrepreneur, his first company went world-wide when
he was only 23 while he also built a 20 year career as a radio and celebrity
club DJ & music producer. In 2003, he took a role in his family’s business
as VP and started his real estate investment company in 2007. Since 2011,
Ragona is an in-demand trusted authority in Real Estate high performance
& marketing and has helped hundreds of real estate professionals including
individuals from Re/Max, Century-21, i-Pro Realty, Dominion Lending as
well as organizations such as the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN)
and Rock Star Brokerage. Recently, he has spent significant time training
exclusively with some of the world’s highest achievers to share their
sets of tools, beliefs, system and strategies with his clients helping them
build a stable and fulfilling business with true life balance

Hope to see you there!