An exciting week was had by our members once again.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest member Lucila Padilla of the Brekland Realty Group, an all-Canadian company, to our chapter.

We look forward to getting to know Lucila and welcome her hearty enthusiasm and energy!

Member Amy Harrison will be live Tweetcasting this Sunday, August 8th, from Mosport via the British Automobile Racing Club’s twitter account. Full-coverage including video, pictures, live results and commentary will all be part of the online experience she will provide.

And various members will be attending next week’s Summer Networking Bash being hosted by Jennifer Beale of Unleash PR. Jennifer was a guest at this week’s meeting and gave a wonderful talk about the power of referrals and the marketing funnel. The event takes place at Gossip at the CNE August 11th.